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David Manovitch

David is a versatile musician, being able to play other instruments additional to the guitar. He is a very experienced singer and has operated as an established 'Front Man' for Time Warp ever since the band became a four-piece group, more than twenty years ago. He has written and recorded some of his own material with the band and is a great fan of many types of music, enjoying playing songs from a number of different eras. David is a Doctor of Medicine and lives in the Airedale/Wharfedale area.

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Graeme Morrell

Graeme has performed Solo for most of his musical career. He draws his influences from Country, Folk, Blues, Rock and also Classical Music. An experienced Guitarist and Singer, he has specialized in the work of Yorkshire Guitar legend Michael Chapman. After five years of playing with a band in Huddersfield, he is now really enjoying performing those 'Classic Hits' of yesteryear with Time Warp. Graeme is the MD of his own Construction Company.

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Nick Dyson

Nick has been playing and singing rock'n'roll since he bought his first bass guitar back in 1972. There have been long gaps for family commitments but he's been back on the music scene for a few years now. Nick has a fairly eclectic taste in music, from Led Zeppelin to Sandy Denny, his early influences include many of the songs that the band plays. Raised in Huddersfield, he has spent much of his adult life in and around Bradford.

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David Knaggs

David is an avid collector of 'Popular Songs' drum music. He has a varied collection, obtained over many years, of more than six hundred drum scores. Some of these he has transcribed himself. A great fan of 'Sixties' music in particular, David is an original member of Time Warp and has performed over four hundred Gigs with the band. Born in Ilkley, David is now retired, after having spent more than thirty-five years in the UK Grocery Trade.

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